2020 Florida Artists Group
70th Annual, Statewide Exhibition 


Foosaner Art Museum in Melbourne

Awards canceed due coronavirus pandemic

Collections Manager's Pick: 
“The Three Graces of Modern Day”

“The painting has continuation of shape, line, and color; all essential for a good composition. The three figures surround an inner space in the center of the canvas showing doors and stairs leading the viewer into the painting. The thick application of white oils on the canvas adds texture and three-dimensionality... it reminds me of when I walked through the marble sculpture halls of the Louvre in Paris... very nicely done."

- José Márquez, Collections Manager

The Three Graces of the Modern Day1.jpg

Dabbert Galley presents

"Reality of Abstraction"

featuring 7 Gallery Artists.

March, 2020


46 South Palm Avenue
Sarasota, FL 34236

Good abstract art is genuine, absolute in existence, at times more emotionally charged and visceral than most traditional genres. At other times lyrical line and soft monochromatic color offer an eloquent thoughtful focus.

Both variants coming together in a compelling creation is the sublime "Reality of Abstraction.

2019 Florida Artists Group 69th Annual, Statewide Exhibition featuring 84 works of Florida artists.


Ringling College of Art & Design

May 28 - June 20, 2019

Juried by Lisa L. Cyr

First Place Award: "Enhanced by Time"

"In the work Enhanced by Time, the artist portrays the sculptural figure in an almost dreamlike fashion. Breaking through a vibrant and mystical color field, the worn and aged ethereal subject is enhanced by time, giving the piece a transcendent quality."

- Lisa L. Cyr, Judge

Dabbert Galley presents

"Abstraction Without Boundaries"

featuring 6 Gallery Artists.

May, 2019


46 South Palm Avenue
Sarasota, FL 34236


"From the glowing spirit of Kasia Bruniany’s ethereal dreamscapes to the exhilarating yet soothing color harmonies of Barbara Krupp, to the bold color and primal power of Brain Smith’s abstracts, each of our 6 featured Gallery Artist create their unique world of “Abstraction Without Boundaries”.

- David Dabbert, Gallery Owner

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Art Uptownis pleased to present
Kasia Bruniany solo exhibition

A new collection of oil paintings
showcasing dramatic coastal views


March 26 – April 29, 2016