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Portrait Commission. 2014


“We commissioned an oil portrait of our company founder from Kasia Bruniany. She did a beautiful job of not only capturing his likeness, she also captured his personality. We are quite pleased with the results, as is the subject himself.”

- Paul E. Fischione, CEO
E.A. Fischione Instruments, Inc.

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Commissioned Painting of our
Beloved Lake Baldwin

A few month ago my husband and I started a process to have an oil of our treasured lake painted.

Kasia is a huge favorite, we already own a gorgeous piece for our Longboat Key home. Everything about Kasia is delightful! She is prompt, attentive, concerned only with what we wanted in a piece! Not at all pushy! As novices we really appreciated this as we do not quite understand how an artist works!! She patiently explained the process fully including us each step of the way. It was an awful lot of fun and very exciting!!!


Today we met our painting.  
I simply am in awe.

Kasia has never been to our lake in Michigan. We gave her photos, but the creation we saw today looks like she sat on the shore and painted! The piece far exceeds our expectations!!! It’s stunning!!! I am simply in awe of her talent and all her hard work!

This painting is a treasure!! Kasia had us come for some consultation along the way, just to be sure she was on the right track. That was crucial! Everything we could have wanted in this rendering is present! The perspective, the depth of color, how muted it is and a few ‘pops’ of red!!!

We are beyond grateful! It’s a treasure for our family forever!! Thank you Kasia, from the bottom of our hearts!!

-Patsy & Mike Lamonica

April, 2021

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